We founded RIT48 five years ago. Our vision was to bring together and showcase RIT's unique intersection of tech, art and business. College hackathons weren't yet popular, yet our initially small event doubled in size every year. We had hundreds of amazing participants, judges, sponsors and advisors; many of whom have since become close friends. They are the people who helped make each event incredibly unique and special. Thank you!

As we graduated from RIT and moved away, we weren't able to devote the time, energy and passion it took to run RIT48. Today we're retiring the RIT48 brand to make way for other RIT hackathons. We're especially excited about BrickHack, taking place this April.

While RIT48 may not survive, college hackathons everywhere will continue to thrive. We're really excited to see future hackathons come out of RIT and surrounding areas and are happy to help in any way we can.

Thanks for all of your hard work and an awesome ride!

Ian Mikutel
Matt Gardner
Greg Koberger